Ballot Box

As a nod to the national, state and local elections presently holding us all in their grips, we chose as our October Artifact of the Month this Ballot Box.  [...]

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Crazy Quilt

This crazy quilt, whose provenance is not completely known, is thought to date back to the 1870s and may have been created by a member of the Ann’s family [...]

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Political Campaign Buttons

The Cave Creek Museum’s November Artifacts of the Month feature campaign buttons.  A campaign button is a pin used during an election as political advertising for (or against) a candidate or political party, or to proclaim the issues that are part [...]

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Corrugated Wares

WE LAUNCH THIS YEAR’S “Artifact of the Month” exhibit with this sturdy pottery jug made in the style identified as “obliterated corrugated,” which refers to the exterior texture almost [...]

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Hopi Katsina Dolls

In the Hopi religion, Katsinas are supernatural beings that are kindly spirits of life, fertility and prosperity.  They are intermediaries to the gods, who come to villages and dance [...]

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Hand Fans

Fan-cy-that! Hand fans first appeared in Europe in the 12th century and became popular in the 16th, carried by both ladies and gentlemen.  They remained popular into the twentieth century, [...]

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