The Desert Foothills Chapter of the Arizona Archaeological Society …

… is responsible for discovering and excavating four of the five local archaeological sites in the Cave Creek/Carefree area. The artifacts from these excavations are on display in the Museum. Additional items are on loan from the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

Indian pottery at cave creek museum

Discover pottery, projectile points, stone tools and other artifacts from the excavations at Spur Cross Ranch during the 1980s. These items are on loan from Arizona State University.

spur cross preservation area

A wall in the Archaeology Wing is a collaboration between the Cave Creek Museum and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community’s Huhugam Ki Museum. It tells their story and contains items of their culture.

ancient woven baskets

Marvel at the beautifully constructed pottery and fragile, expertly woven baskets used for carrying and storing items for everyday uses. Discover the cultural importance of these objects in ceremonial uses by ancient people.

hohokam pit house exhibit

Gaze into a life size replica of a Hohokam House built from available material on the high desert landscape. The museum’s model represents those found at the Sears Kay Ruins east of the town of Cave Creek.