The Strategic Planning  process identifies strategies that will enable the Cave Creek Museum to advance its mission.  As staff and board engage in the process, we commit to measurable goals, approve priorities for implementation, and plan to revisit the strategy on an ongoing basis as the internal and external environments change.  A Strategic Plan should include a clear focus on the purpose of our organization and the community it serves.  A Strategic Plan serves as a “roadmap” to guide the Museum toward its stated goals, but needs to be adaptable; if there is an obstacle ahead, we need to have strategies to circumvent the rockslide (to stay within the analogy), not drive straight into it and grind to a halt.

Led by consultant Claire West of Claire West Consulting, the attached document was created over a span of nearly nine months by the Strategic Plan Committee
(Molly Tufts, Luke Kautzman, Kayce Westfall, Evelyn Johnson, Jo Ann Stuckey, Stephanie Bradley, Darlene Southern, Tammy Causey, Chair), with input from the Cave Creek Museum Board of Directors, from Cave Creek Museum membership, and the Cave Creek community at large.  Information was gathered through telephone interviews, surveys, and focus groups.

We are deeply grateful to all the individuals who donated their time and shared their thoughts and opinions.

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