Golden Reef Stamp Mill & Tramway

Mining & Agriculture Equipment

The Cave Creek Museum is home to Arizona’s only fully operational, ten-stamp, ore crushing mill. The ten 1,000 lb stamps slam down in synchronized motion to pound, the ore removed from the mine into a fine gravel. From there the gold is panned/washed from the debris.

The stamp mill was brought from its former location, at the Golden Reef Mine, on Continental Mountain to where it sits today. This is the only operational mining stamp mill in Arizona today and sits only 5 miles from its original site on the mountain.

Also, throughout the outdoor campus, notice the various pieces of equipment, from the early mining days of Arizona. There are also many agricultural tools used in farming and ranching on the Cave Creek Mining District.

Historic First Church of Cave Creek

The Cave Creek Museum is the proud caretaker of the first church of Cave Creek. The church was built in 1948 as a mission church. It was moved to the location on Skyline Drive and became the first home of the Cave Creek Museum.

The Museum staff used the church for 17 years as their office, collections and exhibits area. The building was restored to its previous condition by a group of dedicated volunteers in the late 1980s. Today the tiny first church continues to be active for weddings, baptisms, and memorial services.

Please see the Events page for more information on scheduling the Historic First Church for your event or celebration or call 480-488-2764 for more information.

Historic First Church of Cave Creek

The Tubercular Cabin

Historic Tubercular TB Patient Cabin

The historic Tubercular Cabin was built in the early 1920s and was located along Cave Creek Road, with several others. The cabins were built in Central and Southern Arizona to be inhabited by patients recouping from this lung disease. The dry climate of the valley area and rest was thought to be the only cure.

The Tubercular Cabin contains the original furnishings. The cabin, at the Cave Creek Museum was restored by the Cave Creek Museum Humana Hospital and the residents of Cave Creek and Carefree. This cabin was donated by Santos Rubira. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places – Arizona with reference number 01001172.

Interior of the Historic Tubercular TB Patient Cabin

Museum Gardens

The grounds of the Cave Creek Museum is home to a variety of native Sonoran Desert vegetation. Visitors will find specimens of creosote bush, blue sage, barrel cactus, prickly pear, palo verde and the ever-majestic saguaro. While on your walk through the garden area take time to visit the historic Tubercular Cabin, Cave Creek’s first Church, and the Gazebo.