A visit to the Cave Creek Museum’s History Wing is a capsule across time between 1863 to present day. The exhibits will introduce you to artifacts from Cave Creek Mining District’s early days and a selection of its most unique characters.

gold mining history in cave creek

Information on the “gold strike” in Cave Creek during the mid 1800s, that started with the discovery of the precious metal in the hills and mountains surrounding Cave Creek.

ranching family history in cave creek

Meet a cast of characters that called the Cave Creek Mining District home for a while. Jeriah Wood of Cave Creek Station, James D. Houck with the first sheep shearing ranch, and the Cartwright ranching family that connected us to present day, to name a few.

challenges in cave creek history

 Discover the challenges of mining, farming, ranching, and life in the desert foothills, resulting from terrain, distance, transportation, and the constant struggle for water.

hohokam pit house exhibit

“Art Across the Foothills” history begins with Jeff Cross founding Harmony Hollow that became an artist community.  These foothills artists made their way to Treehouse Restaurant for good food and lively talks, which formed the Cave Creek Craft Council.  This eventually became the Sonoran Arts League that we know today.