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Hand Fans

Fan-cy-that! Hand fans first appeared in Europe in the 12th century and became popular in the 16th, carried by both ladies and gentlemen.  They remained popular into the twentieth century, [...]

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“WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ARROWHEAD VERSUS A PROJECTILE POINT?” That’s a pretty common question heard in the Archaeology Wing of the Cave Creek Museum.  What regular people call [...]

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Cattle Kate

Cave Creek had its own version of Annie Oakley.  Her name was Catherine J. Jones.  She was about five feet tall and known as “Cattle Kate” (she preferred Catherine).  [...]

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Mormon Girl Mine

In the 1870s, the mountain we know as Black Mountain was known as Mormon Boy Mountain.  An old prospector named Sweeney, along with his dependable burro Martha, found gold [...]

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The Three Sisters

The prehistoric Hohokam, the ingenious, canal-building farmers, developed “polycropping;” that is planting maize (corn), beans, and squash together.  This agrarian trinity became known as “The Three Sisters.”  Maize was [...]

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John A. Gurley

Arizona became a United States Territory on February 24, 1863.  President Abraham Lincoln appointed the first three territorial governors: John A. Gurley, John Noble Goodwin, and Richard C. McCormick; [...]

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Cave Creek Road

The fort originally known as Camp McDowell and later as Fort McDowell was established by President Abraham Lincoln and the 37th Congress in 1865.  The Fort’s purpose was to protect [...]

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