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Cave Creek Road

The fort originally known as Camp McDowell and later as Fort McDowell was established by President Abraham Lincoln and the 37th Congress in 1865.  The Fort’s purpose was to protect [...]

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Fort McDowell

After the end of the Civil War in April, 1865 and about two-and-a-half years after Arizona became a territory, Fort McDowell was established about twenty miles southeast of future [...]

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Conestoga Wagon

The Cave Creek Museum features terrific art in addition to historical artifacts and exhibits. A popular piece is a bronze, created by Jasper D’Ambrosi in 1975, called “Way West.” [...]

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Cave Creek Onyx

The Cave Creek mining district, one hundred and forty-four square miles, was known for gold, silver, and later “red gold” we know as copper. Early miners noticed ledges of [...]

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Wickenburg Massacre

Sunday, November 5, 1871 was the end of the line for six passengers riding the Arizona Stage Line about six miles outside of Wickenburg, another died later, and one passenger lived [...]

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Hohokam Shell Jewelry

The prehistoric Hohokam are known for their extensive canals in the Phoenix Basin. They are also known for their kiln-fired ceramic pottery and their legacy of pecked-petroglyphs found and [...]

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Harper’s Young People

You may have heard of Harper’s Bazaar and Harper’s Weekly, but what about Harper’s Young People? Harper’s Young People was a children’s magazine that was published over 100 years ago.  The first issue [...]

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