Harper’s Young People

You may have heard of Harper’s Bazaar and Harper’s Weekly, but what about Harper’s Young People?

Harper’s Young People was a children’s magazine that was published over 100 years ago.  The first issue was published by Harper & Brothers in 1879.

Harper’s Young People featured short  stories, serials, puzzles, games, and poetry.

Did you know that the first children’s magazine, named Children’s Magazine, was published in 1789?  That’s 90 years before  Harper’s Young People was created.

Due to problems with readership, Harper’s Young People changed its name to Harper’s Round Table in 1895.  The magazine’s last publication was in 1899.

Enjoy looking at this Christmas edition of Harper’s Young People from December 1887.

Excerpt from: That Christmas Dinner

By John R. Coryell

One of the things which St. John Brookes had tried very hard to put out of his mind was Christmas.

Pooh!  What did he care for Christmas?  Christmas in America!  What could Christmas be good for outside of old England?…But what use for him to strive against it?  Christmas was in the air.

December’s Artifact of the Month story was written by Lara Lloyd.

Harper’s Young People