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This new and exclusive Cave Creek Museum adventure is a “must” for everyone!

Cave Creek Museum is partnering with Rackensack Canyon Tours to bring Arizona’s first and only total gold mining experience to life. After seeing the interactive, action-packed Arizona Gold Mining Experience (AZGME), Gold Fever lovers break for lunch and return to Cave Creek Museum to leave at 1:00pm for the 3-hour gold mine tour in a unique 9-passenger vehicle that takes you into the Continental Mountains and to the mine. The tour ascends to the Mountain Chaparral vegetation zone with absolutely breathtaking views up to a 4,500-foot elevation.

By attending the interactive Arizona Gold Mining Experience in the morning, (purchase tickets here), you will experience a full-day immersible history of mining and the Cave Creek area consists of you attending the interactive Arizona Gold Mining Experience in the morning and the Gold Fever Adventure in the afternoon. (These are are separate events and attending the Arizona Gold Mining Experience is suggested, but not required.)

The short ride to the summit can be a bit dusty and bouncy, but is exhilarating fun with entertaining narration and educational photo stops along the trail. You can enjoy complimentary refreshments with free time to relax on the patio while taking in the jaw-dropping vistas.

You then proceed to the gold mine where you are rewarded with a historic tableau of 1800’s artifacts excavated from the Ft. Worth Gold Mine site. This mine was part of the Historic Rackensack Mines, which were instrumental in the founding of Cave Creek. You will interact with the knowledgeable guide and follow the same vein of gold that Old Rackensack (a real person) chased in 1880.

This first-of-its kind adventure tour is the perfect way to learn about Arizona’s fascinating gold mining history while finding the “Gold Fever” within yourself.

Reservations are required in advance. No cancellations under 60 days. The new Gold Fever Adventure is limited to 9 guests. Culture passes and discounts are not accepted for this event.

Note: This adventure is approximately 3 hours. It is not ADA compliant. Footing is uneven and slightly hilly in places. Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear sunscreen!

Gold Fever Adventure is an “once-a-month” donation from our dear friends and supporters at Rackensack Canyon Tours.  We are so happy that every month this tour sells out!  GREAT NEWS!  If Gold Fever Adventure (benefiting the Cave Creek Museum) is sold out or the date we are advertising doesn’t work for you—you can still enjoy this thrilling Jeep tour to the top of Continental Mountain and deep into the depths of Rackensack Mine.  Just click on the button to the right to visit Rackensack Canyon Tours to find an available date.  (They have helicopter tours as well!)

And thank you for supporting these wonderful folks who support the Cave Creek Museum!