White Mountain Redwares

To celebrate Archaeology Month in Arizona, we selected one of the Museum’s beautiful prehistoric pots for the Artifact of the Month exhibit.

The displayed pot is a type called St. John’s Polychrome that was made in northeastern Arizona around 1175 to 1300 A.D. The interior has a black-on-red design, and the exterior has a black line and white geometric design in a band just under the rim.

Our pot is one of a group of related types, the White Mountain Redwares, which were made in various locations over a period of about 225 years, beginning around 1175. It came to the Museum in the 1980s as part of the Heckel collection.

You can see  to see more pottery from all over Arizona and the Four Corners in the Museum’s Archaeology Wing.

Note: the link to White Mountain Redwares is informational only and is not an endorsement or inducement to purchase the referenced material.

White Mountain Redwares