Saluting Our Veterans

“Saluting Our Veterans” exhibit was spearheaded by Cactus Shadows freshman and Eagle Scout candidate, Kody Moore, plus it complements the planned Veterans Memory Garden.  This new exhibit salutes both men and women who served in our nation’s conflicts, and Frank W. Wright was among them. He served in WWI and moved to Cave Creek to live in a tubercular tent. He went on to help develop Cave Creek and donated the land where our Museum is today.

geoffrey platts exhibit

The Schoolhouse

This old-time schoolhouse exhibit represents school rooms from an era past, and children love it! They love going back in time to experience what it was like for students many years ago.  It holds memories for us with vintage desks and a chalkboard to do your lessons!

geoffrey platts exhibit

The Golden Reef Stamp Mill on Continental Mountain

Enjoy this diorama of our own Golden Reef Stamp Mill as it looked on the side of Continental Mountain. This clever and amazingly detailed and accurate model is the work of long-time Museum volunteer Jay F. Williams. He is better known as “Grandpa Jay” by the hundreds of students he has guided through the Museum over the years.

Golden Reef Stamp Mill on Continental Mountain

The Cave of Cave Creek

Located on private property, The Cave is not accessible to the ordinary visitor. Yet you can experience it at the Cave Creek Museum as a scale model. The exhibit was created by volunteer local artists with a video of the historic 40-foot-long chamber set in the side of a local bluff.  The Cave was occupied through the centuries by prehistoric Indians, transient tribes, soldiers traveling Military Road, miners in search of shelter, a hermit, and even into the 70’s, as a gathering place for “free spirits,” each group leaving their own footnote in the history of the foothills.

the cave of cave creek

Art Across the Foothills

“Art Across the Foothills” history begins with Jeff Cross founding Harmony Hollow that became an artist community. These foothills artists made their way to Treehouse Restaurant for good food and lively talks, which formed the Cave Creek Craft Council. This eventually became the Sonoran Arts League that we know today.  Even though this exhibit takes a small space, you’ll want to read all its fascinating information.

the cave of cave creek

Archeology Wing

The Museum is excited to announce the return of our Archeology exhibit featuring artifacts from local excavations of the Quarter Circle One, Mueller and Shogur sites. We have also added new artifacts from the recently donated Staymate Collection.

the cave of cave creek