Cave Creek Museum Presents: Do You Have a Revolutionary Patriot in Your Family Tree?

With the skills and knowledge she developed while tracing her family tree, Sarah will guide you in your own genealogical investigation. Learn how to use free online DAR resources to discover your ancestor’s service. This is open to men and women who would like to learn more about their ancestors. Sarah Ziker has been a part of the Daughters of the American Revolution since 2002. Exploring her family and finding connections to history has become a passion of her. She quickly developed a love of genealogy and helping others join the DAR through researching their families. In the DAR, she has proven that she descends through 22 men and women who aided in establishing American Independence. These Patriots vary between farmers who helped feed the Continental Army to a 15 year who was part of the Boston Tea Party. Sarah now serves Arizona DAR as the State Recording Secretary and is the National Vice Chair of the Membership Task Force. She is an Honorary Regent of the Black Mountain Foothills Chapter in Cave Creek and also a long-time supporter and volunteer at the Cave Creek Museum.