Artifact of the Month – May 2015

In the Hopi religion, Katsinas are supernatural beings that are kindly spirits of life, fertility and prosperity.  They are intermediaries to the gods, who come to villages and dance and ask the gods for bountiful crops, rain, and peaceful lives.  At three main Hopi Katsina ceremonies—December, February, and in July—dancers don elaborate painted and carved… Continue Reading

Artifact of the Month – March 2015

“WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ARROWHEAD VERSUS A PROJECTILE POINT?” That’s a pretty common question heard in the Archaeology Wing of the Cave Creek Museum.  What regular people call arrowheads, archaeologists typically call “projectile points”, not   because it sounds more academic, but because stone, wood, bone, antler, copper and other raw material types were used… Continue Reading

Museum Nuggets – February 2015

Here is the link to view our February newsletter. Please note that when you click on the link you will see the version of the newsletter that is formatted for printing, assembling and mailing. So each digital page actually contains two printed pages. For example, the first digital page contains the first and last pages… Continue Reading

March 15th 2015 Home Tour

Your tickets will cost $35 if you order them before March 12. Tickets ordered after March 11 will cost $40. Please note that online ticket ordering is a 2 step process. 1) Complete the order form and click submit; 2) Make payment using the Museum’s PayPal payment gateway. Orders are not complete until both steps… Continue Reading

Artifact of the Month – January 2015

Prehistoric Native American “Mini-Pots” The Cave Creek Museum is proud to house and exhibit an extensive collection of prehistoric pottery, much of it collected from local and regional sites, at first by interested parties as they immigrated into the area; later by professional archaeologists. Some of the most intriguing pottery pieces are the “miniatures”.  Although… Continue Reading

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