Stamp Mill Update

The week of January 14th featured tremendous effort and accomplishments for the Stamp Mill restoration project.Click here for background information on the stamp mill project.

Here are some of the highlights. More updates will be provided as milestones are attained.

Stamp Mill Blg Setting the Shaker Tabl

The picture shows the MARCO Crane and Dream team crews moving the shaker table into place in front of the stamp mill. The shaker table receives fine gold concentrates mixed with water from the outlet of the mortar boxes and separates the gold from the concentrates through a back-and-forth shaking action.


Stamp Mill Blog Picking the Mill Engine

The MARCO Crane Crew and Dream Team are rigging the stamp mill gasoline engine in preparations for installing it into the mill. The engine produces about 40 Hp, enough to run the mill. The Team will move the gasoline engine into its final location in the mill. The engine is a 4 cylinder gasoline stationary engine with a clutch to engage the pulleys.


Stamp Mill Blog Engine Final Resting spot

This shows the location of the engine in the mill. The shiny shaft in front of the engine is the “jackshaft” that will be turned by the engine and in turn will rotate the large bull wheel in the upper left side of the mill. The engine will rotate at about 1500 RPM and the large bull wheel will rotate at 60 RPM.The speed reduction is effected by the jackshaft pulleys.


Stamp Mill Blog Picking the jaw crusher

The MARCO and Dream team are rigging the crusher to pick it and move it to its new location. The crusher is used to crush the ore from 6″+ to 2″- through the back-and-forth moving of the jaw. The crusher was manufactured by E. H. Moyle E & E Company in Los Angles, CA. The machine was patented on June 8, 1915.


Stamp Mill Blog Final home for the crusher

The crusher now sits over the incline skip cart. The rock will be fed into the rectangular box on top of the crusher, crushed by the movement of the jaw and will end up in the ore skip under the crusher. It will them be moved up the incline into an ore bin above the feeders.



Meet the Stamp Mill Team – from left to right: Charlie Connell, Wes Cooper, Ric Parrish, Bob Flach, Paul Diefenderfer

Stamp Mill Team




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