Stamp Mill Project Update

It’s been a while since we’ve published an update on the Stamp Mill project. Rest assured that much progress has been made. In fact, the Stamp Mill has been tested with all 10 of its stamps operational! And currently the construction of a safety view fence is in its early stages. Concurrent with the fence, the area will be cleaned up and walk ways put in place. That work is planned to start the week of Sep 30. We hope that you are as excited about bringing this piece of mining history to life as we are.

Here is a photo taken Sep 28 that shows the initial work that has been done on the safety view fence.






One Response to Stamp Mill Project Update

  1. jim waldbillig says:

    Our historical society in Philipsburg Mt is currently working to get a circa 1893 Fraser and Chalmers stamp mill up and running. We hope to in running for the 150th anniversary of the discovery of silver in the Flint Creek Valley. I would like to converse with some of the people who worked on your mill project. Jim Waldbillig